H51 Software is a mission-based web shop aimed at schools, small business, and fitness events. We provide top quality software and services in an attempt to satisfy the mission of giving back to the community at large. The two areas we are primarily focused on are educational institutions and fitness events. Our software and services feature proprietary web solutions like eTRaXC, Gopher State Events, and Cumulo Learning. As well, we develop custom, data-driven web solutions for schools, small business, and others.

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The only team-based running training log on the web, designed for coaches of high school, college, and club running/fitness teams. Features unlimited roster size and the ability to manage multiple teams from one log-in, communication tools and all utilities needed to manage your team.


Cumulo Learning

An online school management utility designed for small to mid-sized private, charter, and public schools. Provides all of the functionality needed to manage all aspects of your school and connect all school stakeholders (administrators, teachers, non-teaching staff, parents, students, and others).



Gopher State Events is a fitness event management (timing) service for fitness events, nordic ski and cross-country running. Awards-ready results, results online within hours, and results emailed to all participants. As well, we provide social networking opportunities for participants, teams, and event directors/


The mission of H51 Software, LLC is to develop quality software and provide quality services for education, small business, and fitness events. Our goal is to make our presence in the industry affordable and personal in an attempt to give back to those communities some of what we have received from them over the years.

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